Filtra-Trap Filtra-Trap®
Grease Trap
Filtra-Trap is the UK’s number 1 selling Grease trap, manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel with odour tight seal and sand easy to clean ultra fine filter basket. play_circle_outline View Product
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Easy to clean
GT Grease Catcher GT Grease
The GT units are manufactured from 100% 304 graded stainless steel and are aimed at business's on a budget. play_circle_outline View Product
GT Grease Traps
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Polytrap GS Tanks Polytraps
GS Tanks
For larger hotels, factories & food processing plants we offer a range of GS underground grease interceptors. play_circle_outline View Product
GS insides
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GRU Auto GRU Auto Slider GRU
Continuous separation and removal of fats, oils, grease and food particles from commercial kitchen wastewater. play_circle_outline View Product
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Jumbo Compact Slider Jumbo
150L & 300L
The Jumbo Compact grease trap range are a unique shape & design gives to exception performance & strength. play_circle_outline View Product
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Filtra-Box Food Filters Blank product Filtra-Box
Food Filters
Filtra-Box are designed to pre filter waste water from coffee machines, sinks & potato rumblers prior to discharge to drains or into existing grease traps. play_circle_outline View Product
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Polytrap GT Grease Traps Blank product Polytrap
GT Grease
The Polytraps GT range of High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) grease traps are designed for below ground installation. play_circle_outline View Product
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Grease Release Semi Automatic GRU
Grease Trap
Unlike other GRU separators The Grease Release is 100% non mechanical, uses small 1K thermostatic heater to prevent fats from solidifying. play_circle_outline View Product
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