Legislation & Guidance

Water authorities are no longer allowing untreated waste to be flushed down the drains. Employ Poly-Trap in your premises for a cost efficient environmentaly friendly solution to waste management.

Revised Building Regulation requires all new builds and refurbishments of hot food premises and food processing plants to have an effective means of grease removal on site.


Water UK – Best Management practice:

“Grease traps/grease interceptors Grease traps are specially designed units which are placed in drain pipes to separate the fat, oil and grease from the rest of the wastewater. The wastewater then continues to flow to the sewage works for treatment while the grease is retained in the trap to be collected by a licensed waste oil collector at regular intervals. These units can be highly effective if they are correctly installed, serviced and maintained.

A written record of maintenance must be kept. Your local environmental health officer may be able to assist on the location and size of the unit to suit your premises to ensure it is efficient at preventing the grease causing problems in the drains.”

Building Regulations Part H:
“2.21 Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator.”