GT Grease Catcher Connects Directly Into Grease Traps

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GRU Auto Filtratrap kitchen floor grease trap Grease Digesting Fluids Compatible With Grease Traps
Typical biological grease management installation

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GT Grease Catcher Complete Dosing Packages
Powerful & effective grease digesting fluids. Precise battery or mains peristaltic fluid pumps.

Dosing and enzymes kit full range

Grease Digesting Dosing Systems

Biological Grease Treatment for Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors

Clearflow grease digesting fluid is a powerful concentrate enzyme, designed to assist in the biological breakdown of fats, oils & greases in our range of traps & interceptors. This Product is optional as all our traps & interceptors will work great without them, but to boost performance and to allow extra time between servicing the use of bio enzymes is recommended.


  • High Quality Perseltic Pumps
  • Simple To program
  • Powerful Concentrated Fluid
  • Easy Installation
  • Battery Or Mains Operated
  • Full & Complete Kit
  • 4 Kits available

Peristaltic Pumps

The use of peristaltic pumps are important to ensure the right amount of enzyme is prescribed into the trap at the right time of day. These pumps are very precise so that correct amount for fluid is discharged. This cannot be carried out manually as you may pour to much or too little for the enzyme to activate.

Turning Grease Into H20

Biological dosing systems must be connected directly into grease traps & interceptors.This will allow time for the trillions of naturally occurring bacteria contained in the fluid to digest the grease in the trap turning it into harmless Carbon dioxide & H20. For the best results set the pump timer to activate at night after the kitchen is closed.

Dosing Kits

Dosing Kit 1: Mains Operated Peristaltic Dosing Kit


Dosing Kit 2: Mains Operated Peristaltic Dosing Kit


Dosing Kit 3: Mains Operated Peristaltic Dosing Kit


Dosing Kit 4: Mains Operated Peristaltic Dosing Kit


Enzyme Refills


The installation kit comes complete with a full installation kit & instructions. Three step setup:
1. Select the correct hour of day.
2. Select the hour you would like to dose.
3. Select the amount of enzyme to be dosed

Dosing Installation Methods

Step 1: Fix Pump To the Wall

Step 2: Drill 5mm Hole in waste pipe

Step 3: Connect pipe bracket & tube

Step 4: Set clock & timer