need to upgrade your current GREASE Management SYSTEM?

we have been Designing and manufacturing automatic and passive grease traps for over 20 years, selling over 45,000 systems to clients of various sizes ensuring compliance with UK & eu regulations.

Grease Trap Legislation:


The Building Regulations 2002 Part H
Drainage & Waste Disposal (2002 edition) Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted a grease separator complying with BS EN 1825-1:2004 or other effective means of grease removal.

Clearflow are leaders in grease trap manufacture design & innovation
Clearflow’s focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction positions us as leaders in the grease trap industry. Our aim is to manufacture innovative grease traps at a realistic price without compromising on performance for businesses looking for long-term, cost-effective solutions.

Investing in a reliable and durable UK manufactured grease trap

We design & manufacture small-budget under-sink fat traps to in-kitchen automatic and manual grease traps. Additionally, the ability to design and build custom-sized above-ground and below-ground grease interceptors in HDPE and stainless steel showcases our flexibility to meet various customer requirements.


The Clearflow Grease Trap Guarantee

Our multi-skilled workforce manufacture & designs all our grease traps in Great Britain to UK/EU specifications. Clearflow only uses high-quality materials with genuine 10-year warranties. We believe in providing customers with innovative grease traps that will provide years of service at a realistic price & without compromise.


Grease Trap | UK Manufacturer OF Stainless Steel Automatic & Manual Grease Traps

Above Ground Grease Traps

• Stainless Steel Fat Trap / Grease Trap
• 10 Year Warranty Manufactured In UK
• Removable Stainless Food Filter
• 37 To 170 Litres & 100 Litre Passive
• All Fittings Supplied
• In Kitchen, Under Sink Installation
• Air Tight Odour Seals

• Full Filtration Grease Trap / Fat trap
• Ultra Fine Food Filter For Easy Cleaning
• 10 Year Warranty UK Manufactured
• 35 To 250 Litres Custom Sizes Available
• All Fittings Supplied Inlet / Outlet
• Odour / Smell Air Tight Seals
• Adjustable Levelling Feet

• Automatic GRU Grease Recovery Unit
• Exceptional Grease Recovery Performance
• 10 Year Warranty Made In UK
• 1 – 2.5 Litres Per Second
• Complete With All Connections
• Air Tight Grease Odour Seals
• In Kitchen / Under Sink Installation

• 450 – 1,000 Litres Built To BS1825
• 10 Year Warranty Heavy Duty Stainless
• Custom Sizes Available By Request
• 110mm Inlet Outlet Adaptors Included
• External Installation / Rust Free Stainless
• Hotels / Food Factories Large Restaurants
• Odour Free Seals / Vent Pipe Connectors

• Filters Potato Peeling From Rumblers
• Strains Out Coffee Grains From Machines
• Pre Filters Solids From Sinks
• Pre Filtering Solids For Pumps
• In let & Outlet Fittings Supplied
• Ideal As Pre Filter For Fat Traps
• Various Size & Grade Filters & Tanks

• Semi Automatic Grease Trap

• Stores Up To 5 Litres Of FOG’s

• Empty Grease Via Grease Valve Tap

• Removable Solids / Food Filter

• 1 to 2 Litres Per Second

• 10 Year Warrantee

• All Fittings Supplied

UK Manufacturer / SUPPLIER OF Below GROUND Grease Traps

Underground Grease Traps

• Jumbo HDPE Plastic Grease Trap
• 3.5 Tonne Heavy Duty Manhole
• Unique Hollow Baffle Design
• Below Ground In Kitchen or External
• Small Commercial Kitchens / Drainage
• Air Tight Odour Seals
• Designed Low Maintenance

• Outstanding Performance & Strength
• Large Underground Grease Trap
• Circular Hollow Grease Baffle Design
• 300 – 1,150 Litre Working Capacity
• Large Fats, Oils & Grease Retention
• Medium Sized Kitchens Restaurants
• Lockable Safety Manhole Cover

Below Ground Interceptors

• 1,000 To 6,000 Litre Grease Interceptor
• Can Be Used As Single Or Modulars
• Ideal For Sewage Treatment Systems
• Services Complete Kitchens & Floor Drains
• Substantial Fats, Oils & Grease Storage
• Lengthened Time Between Grease Emptying
• 110 mm Inlet Outlet Connecters

GRP Underground
Grease Interceptors


• Large Grease Separators For Factories
• Sizes From 1200 To 11,000 Litres
• GRP Fiberglass Interceptor Construction
• Large Fat Oil & Grease Retention
• 2 x 450 mm Circular Man Hole Covers
• BS 1825 Building Regulation Compliant
• Manufactured In UK ISO Certification

• Pumps Directly Into Fat Traps & Interceptors
• Powerful Grease Digesting Fluid Concentrate
• Biologically Formulated To Breakdown Grease
• Boosts Performance Of Grease Traps
• Full Kit Includes Pump Connectors & Fluid
• Refills available In 5, 10 20, & 25 Litres Drums
• Biological Enzymes Assist In Order Reduction


• Grease Trap Sales & Service
• Assistance In Grease Trap Regulations
• Grease Trap Maintenance Plans
• Grease Traps EU Shipping
• Stainless Steel Fat Traps
• Custom Build Grease Traps

• Grease Traps For Restaurants
• Grease Traps for Septic Tanks
• Grease Traps Sewage Treatment
• Grease Traps For Pumps
• Custom Build Grease Traps for Pubs
• Underground Grease Traps

• Under Sink Fat Traps
• Kitchen Grease Traps
• Under Floor Fat Traps
• Replacement Grease Trap
• Chemical Grease Trap
• Plastic Grease traps /Fat Traps

• Grease Trap Blockages

• Grease Trap Odours 

• Fat Trap Smells

• Steam Oven Grease Trap

• Wok Cooker Grease Traps 

• Biological Enzyme Dosing

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