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Clearflow Environmental Technologies have been specialising in grease traps, interceptors & fat traps to the catering & food processing industry for over 20 years.
We operate a large client base from large fast food chains, food processing plants, hotels, pubs & restaurants through to smaller deli's & cafes.
The Clearflow Guarantee
All Our Stainless Steel Grease Traps are rust free 304 Grade
Unlike other companies we do not import cheap, mild steel or low grade stainless grease traps. Our multi-skilled workforce manufacture & design all our products in Great Britain to UK specification from high quality materials with genuine guarantees.
NEW GRU Grease Removal Unit View This Product On YouTube.
The GRU Auto® is available now at a great introductory price. Not only is the GRU Auto®'s amazing outlet water quality to less than 100 parts Per Million. The fat's, oils & grease's the GRU Auto® traps & recovers is fully recyclable & can be sold back to your oil supplier.

No Working Parts = Nothing to go wrong.
You Do The Maths

Compare the the cost of this product to the cost of chemicals or to Mechanical Grease Recovery Units (GRU) or to the cost of emptying grease Interceptors. This product is designed to be easily maintained by kitchen staff.

We Design & Build Grease Traps

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Grease Trap Legislation:

The Building Regulations 2002 Part H
Drainage & Waste Disposal (2002 edition) Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted a grease separator complying with BS EN 1825-1:2004 or other effective means of grease removal.
We offer a complete range of grease trap solutions.. If you are anyway unsure which product you require please call us "we are here to help & advise".
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01325 460040
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Above Ground Grease Traps

The GTB entry level filtered grease traps traps are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, with a 5 year warranty. Ideal for businesses on a budget but who want quality & performance.

Full Range   from £255+vat
Grease Trap customer review:
The popular high performance stainless steel filtration grease trap.
is designed for internal or external installation.These above ground units are easy to clean fully sealed and arrive with a big 10 year warranty.
Full Range from £355+vat
Fat Trap customer review:
GRU AUTO® is a patented product manufactured in high grade stainless steel and designed for convenient in kitchen installation for the separation and removal of fats, oils and grease.
Full Range from £1,800+vat
GRU Auto customer review:
SS 450 - 1000 litre above ground grease interceptors are designed for larger hotels or food processing. Ideal for internal or external installation fully sealed with quick release clips
Full Range from £1,500+vat
SS Interceptor customer review:
Fully versatile filtration boxes. We can manufacture them for sinks & dishwashers, coffee filters, potato rumblers through to pre treatment for inline pumps.
Full Range from £325+vat
Filtra-Box customer review:
The Grease Release has been designed in 4 sizes from small to large capacities. With our cleverly designed grease indicator you'll know when to empty and drain via our bespoke stainless steel handle.
Full Range from £1,800+vat
Grease Release customer review:
Underground Grease Traps
The GT 150 - 450 litre high Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground installation.

Supplied with galvanized steel pedestrian cover.
Full Range from £265+vat
GT Grease Trap customer review:
The Jumbo 150L / 300L Compact is a high density poly ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground external installation and supplied with a single seal heavy duty plastic lockable cover.
Full Range from £255+vat
Jumbo 150l/300l customer review:
The Jumbo 300 - 1000 litre high density poly ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground external installation and supplied with a single seal heavy duty plastic lockable cover.
Full Range from £290+vat
Jumbo Grease Trap review:
Below Ground Interceptors
GS 1000 - 4000 litre High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground installation and supplied with a single seal Heavy Duty Plastic lockable cover
Full Range from £695+vat
GS Interceptor customer review:
Full Range from POA
GRP Underground review:

Full 5 - 25 litre grease digesting dosing kits.
Each kit comes complete with high quality easy programable peristaltic dosing pump. To be used as optional dosing for traps & interceptors.

Full Range from £199+vat
Grease Enzyme customer review:
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